“Summertime’s Calling Me”… The Catalinas 1975

Welcome back to SOLO AT SIXTY!

I hope July is finding y’all well and adjusting to the latest fashion trend –  wearing a mask. Remember when you used to hang dice or something fun from your rear view mirror? Well, I have a mask hanging from my mirror, and I am not alone. Sign of the times…

No words needed!

My major New Year’s resolution was not to let anything steal my joy in 2020. Who’d have thought that months later we would all be wearing masks, working from home, socially distancing, not going to church or movies or the gym? Still… I am following through with this resolution. I am not letting Covid19 steal my joy!

“Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living.” – Rachel Marie Martin

My sisters and I celebrated our Sisters’ Beach Weekend over Father’s Day in June. Perfect time to be together at the place our daddy loved most: the beach. We did not go anywhere except the beach, where we stayed all day long. We ate in, drank wine, read books, had lots of laughs, reminisced about our childhood (and adulthood), and enjoyed being sisters. Plus we had perfect weather. Could not have asked for more. Decided we will continue our annual Sisters’ Beach Weekend over Father’s Day every year – perfect time for us to be together.

Holcomb Sisters!

“Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.” – Carol Saline

The day before my sisters arrived, I was on the beach late afternoon (my favorite time), reading a great book, when I heard someone say my name. Surprised, I looked up to see my late childhood friend’s mother, father, and sister. They, too, continue to vacation in Surfside Beach and there they were standing right in front of me! Of course, my first instinct was to hug her mother, which I did without thinking! Holy cow I broke a big rule! But I was so happy (and surprised) to see them – I spent my childhood between their house and mine, beach trips with her family, and with mine, from elementary school through high school. They were supposed to be celebrating many family milestones including grandkids’ college graduations, acceptances to grad schools, etc., but with the current state of affairs, and everyone coming from different parts of the US (many hot spots), they cancelled the BIG family get together. 

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” – Marianne Williamson

As tough as this summer has been with COVID-19, it has also proven to be one of my best summers. Being forced to work from home has given me the opportunity to spend more time at the beach, working from “this home” and enjoying a change in scenery. I’ve read more books, enjoyed more time with family, and caught up with old friends I haven’t seen or spoken to in years, which adds up to a great summer in my book. 

“If you walk in joy, happiness is close behind.” Todd Stocker

I did head back to Charlottesville at the end of June for work, but stopped by Winston-Salem to have a window visit with my sweet momma along the way. They are still in “lock down” and I am not complaining – they are keeping our momma safe. I just would love to see her “in person”. The following weekend, my kids all came to my house for the 4th of July! Having all my kiddos under the same roof did this momma’s heart good. And what fun we had! We visited breweries and wineries, always outside and socially distanced from others (we had sweet Paige, my granddawg, with us after all!). We had dinner at home. We watched Hamilton on Disney (so enjoyed that!). And we had a front row seat for the fireworks on Carter’s Mountain from a special friend’s deck. A year ago on Sunday, I was in NC watching my son propose to my future daughter-in-law, so we also celebrated their one year anniversary of being engaged. Perfect weekend! Lots of joy!

“Change is constant…Good or bad, sometimes you have to just ride the waves of life until the tide turns… and it always does.”

I was able to slip away recently to Old House Vineyards (where my older daughter got married) with a friend, traveling in a convertible. Y’all, there is nothing like riding through a picturesque countryside in a convertible on a beautiful day. Totally makes you forget about the state of the world. We have to make the best of these times and not let them shut us away from the people we love. Look for opportunities to find joy. Wear your mask, wash your hands, maintain proper social distancing from others, but do have fun and spend time with those you love (even if it is virtually or through a window!), and make the most of each and every day, because, as we all know, none of us is promised tomorrow.

“Just think of happy thoughts and you’ll fly.”  – Peter Pan



PS – Don’t forget today is TAX DAY! And it is also GUMMI WORM DAY! Did you know gummi worms were created in 1981 by a German candy company? And did you know that “gummi” means rubber in German – the texture of gummi worms. Just saying!

One thought on ““Summertime’s Calling Me”… The Catalinas 1975”

  1. Les, love your blog. It was wonderful to visit with you at the beach and getting to see your beautiful beach house. Just wish our beloved Lu was with us….it warms my heart remembering those years you two were inseparable.

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