“Washed Ashore…” The Platters 1967

Welcome back to SOLO at SIXTY!

I missed y’all last week! I shared a posting from early May 2018 to tide us over until this week. “Tide” being the operative word here! I am now residing in the world of palm trees where the tide changes every day. Life is just better at the beach y’all. Period. No question. Better. With some of the restrictions lifted in SC, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. And what better place than the beach in May? None!

“The doctor said it was of extreme medical importance that I go to the beach. Also, I’m calling myself “The Doctor” these days.”

Worked some magic with month-end financials, got my plants covered at home, stopped the mail, and headed out last Thursday. First big trip in way too long. I did make a trip to my older daughter’s house for a walk and dinner the night before. She also helped me make a Mother’s Day poster for my mom. But honestly, I just needed to see her since I will not be around for her birthday this year. First time missing it as I will be at the beach for the remainder of May. So Happy Birthday this weekend to the child who first made me a momma!

On my journey to the beach, I stopped in Winston-Salem to see my sweet momma through a window. Her assisted living residence set up Mother’s Day window visits, so I called to say I could not be there Sunday, and they kindly set up a window visit for me Thursday afternoon. My older sister met me there and we held up my HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY poster even though it was several days early. Mom looked good, but could not understand why we were outside and not coming in. That was hard… we just wanted a hug… she did too. A few tears from all of us, and lots of laughter! So thankful she is where she is, safe and sound. We also dropped off 2 dozen assorted Krispy Kreme doughnuts to thank her caregivers and nurses, who deserve so much more. And no, my sister and I did not take any of their doughnuts (but man did they smell heavenly!). Both of my sisters went to see Mom on Sunday (and took my poster again!) for a properly scheduled Mother’s Day window visit.

“That feeling of ‘I want my mom’ has no age limit, no time limit, and no distance limit.”

Left my Momma and headed to Charlotte. My younger daughter had asked me to come spend the night since I was so close. I jumped on that invitation and arrived in time to walk with her to my son and his fiancée’s apartment for dinner. No holding back hugs with my kids. It was so good to see them in person and catch up on everything! Wedding plans are all under control, and we are hoping the virus will be under control as well when October arrives. Such an exciting time!

Friday morning my daughter and I got up early and made a trip to a special bridge in Charlotte where she shared with me the best view of the Charlotte skyline. She has been obsessed with this skyline forever! I can see why… it is very special. Dropped her back at her house, hugged her tightly, and headed to the beach. My happy place.

The beach… I have not been down here since November. My sister and my sweet neighbors have checked on my house, but it needed a thorough cleaning, which I found to be very therapeutic. First the inside on Friday, then the outside Saturday. Power washed everything in sight that I could reach – porch, siding, picnic tables, chairs, golf cart, bikes, grill… if it was there, it was cleaned! Felt so good! But what felt even better was having my feet in the warm sand again, walking in the surf, basking in the sun, looking for shells. The weather has been perfect – sunny, no rain, no humidity, morning lows in the upper 50’s-60’s and afternoons in the upper 70’s. This weekend we will reach the 80’s. Heavenly. This will be my longest visit down here yet!

“The beach is where our souls realign with the universe. The horizons answer questions. The surroundings give peace.”

And I did have a great Mother’s Day and hope y’all did as well. Women are all mothers in some capacity! I celebrated with my kids via zoom. Brought flowers down here from my son and opened gifts remotely on our zoom call. I got a drill! Crazy, right? I am so excited because every time I need one, I have to ask my son-in-law to bring his to my house. Plus, I was supposed to go to a book signing here at the beach for an author I love (have read all of her books!), a UNC grad, Kristy Woodson Harvey , but of course that event was cancelled, so my kids got me her newest book! I am blessed and a very lucky mom of the greatest kids ever!

Mother’s Day Zoom….

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.”

I found myself again y’all. I know that sounds crazy, but I really needed a change of scenery and to re-center. We all need that reset button at times. Our lives have been turned upside down this year. I don’t even know what day it is half the time! Things we took for granted were pulled right out from under us – getting together with family and friends, going to work, out to dinner, to parties, to the gym, to church, to the mall, to the movies, to get ice cream, to WINERIES…GONE! I don’t have to tell the extroverts in the group, but for us, this has been doubly hard. And honestly, I think even the introverts reached their limits of isolation. But in the meantime, we all slowed down, realized how overscheduled our lives were, and found ways to connect with people in creative ways. I don’t think we will ever go back to the way things were before COVID19 entered our lives, but that does not presume doom and gloom. Not at all! It just means we will adapt to a new way of life. We are resilient. We just need to make the most of these times, find the good hiding in plain sight, and look for the silver lining, because as we all know, none of us is promised tomorrow.

Mother’s Day Beach Sunrise! (photo cred Irene Gerba)

“Life has taught us that we are not always in control. Life is full of experiences, lessons, heartache, and challenges. But it has also shown us LOVE, beauty, possibility, resiliency, HOPE, and abundance  EMBRACE IT ALL.”



PS – New Blog Post again on June 17th…. If you want it emailed to you, sign up on the right side of the blog here. I will post it on Facebook. And I’ll share an old post each Wednesday until we meet again!


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  1. Hi Leslie,
    So great catching up a bit with you on the school zoom. Found your blog and really enjoy your writing so I’m subscribing!
    Lynne Luper Scott


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