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Happy New Year and HELLO 2020! Welcome to a new decade y’all…doesn’t that seem impossible? I have a feeling 2020 is going to be a GREAT year. I mean, my favorite number is 20, and there it is, double in the year 2020! What are you looking forward to this year? Are you making resolutions? What about resolutions for the next decade? Hard to imagine what my life will look like in 10 years. I never imagined 10 years ago that my life would look the way it does today! But I am thankful it is what it is.

“2020: Just believe that good things are on the way.”

It’s a brand new year y’all. A wonderful opportunity to start fresh, develop new interests, new hobbies, meet new people. A new chapter. I am going to be thankful for each and every day, because once gone, that time cannot be relived. Several years ago, I decided I would do everything I could to see and spend time with my family – my kids, my momma, my sisters, and my nephew and his sweet family – as often as possible. I have been pretty successful with that plan and so it will continue this year. Even made that early morning trip to my daughter’s cycle class New Year’s Eve morning! 2020 promises to get me back to my favorite pastime, running, with 2 races already scheduled. (Ran Monday in 72 degree weather!) Plus I hope to spend more time at the beach – after all, I was on crutches and out of commission for April and May of 2019. And then there’s the wedding! The icing on the cake to a great year ahead!

Take me with you Santa!

So I’ve said goodbye to 2019, and also to Christmas 2019. As much as I LOVE Christmas and everything associated with it, once it is over, it is over for me. No dragging it out at my house! Time to move on. After I published my Christmas blog last Wednesday evening, my younger daughter and I continued a Christmas Day tradition we started last year and went to the movies, this year to see Little Women. LOVED it! We had skipped lunch since we were still full from brunch, so we splurged and got a hotdog at the movies. This theater has the best hotdogs – split and grilled and served on a grilled bun. (Christmas dinner!) A real treat!

Another real treat was meeting some of her friends and their moms Thursday afternoon at Mount Ida Winery. Hard to believe it was December 26 with 60 degree weather. It was such a beautiful day and I was so thankful my daughter finally got to visit Mount Ida, the only winery she had not been to, and visit it with me! Their huge Christmas tree is still up and decorated. Unlike mine! Yep, my tree is down and has been taken away by our trash collector. As of last Friday morning, all of my decorations were back in their bins, stored away for Christmas 2020. Same with my beautiful Christmas sweaters! I decorate early and take down early. I like to start the new year with a clean slate, including my house! Everything back in order. Only things left are my Moravian Star, which will stay up until this Sunday (Epiphany), and the beautiful wreath I made with my sister and daughter. My wreath may stay up all year – too much love and effort went into it to just discard it! I’ll just change the bow on it.

My wine buddy!

“It doesn’t matter what’s been written in your story so far, it’s how you fill up the rest of the pages that count.”

Friday brought the first College Football Bowl game (for me that is) as Carolina played Temple in the Military Bowl in Annapolis, Maryland. My older daughter and son-in-law went to the game to cheer on our Heels in person, but my younger daughter and I opted to watch it from the comfort of my sofa. I was decked out from head to toe in my Carolina garb and wrapped in a Carolina blanket for good luck. Turned out to be a GDTBATH (Good Day To Be A Tar Heel) and the BEST game! Heels won 55-13! Gave all Tar Heel fans a lot of excitement and hope for the 2020 season. (Yet another reason 2020 will be good!)

Decked out for the game!

“Catch Carolina Fever… kiss a Tar Heel!”

My younger daughter said goodbye to me Saturday afternoon to head back to NC, but not before we made a trip to King Family Vineyard (our second in a week!) to taste their 2019 Crose Rose (named for the town of Crozet!), which did not disappoint! It was yet another perfect December day – sunny and 66 degrees! Who could imagine December would end with such warm weather? Of course, I am loving it! Many other people were also enjoying the perfect weather as it was very busy out there. We got a glass of Crose and sat outside enjoying the spring-like weather and the views and just talking. Perfect ending to a wonderful week.

“Memories remind us that nothing lasts forever. Time is precious and should not be wasted. Enjoy life and remember, don’t count the days make the days count.”

So now it’s time for a perfect beginning to a wonderful new year. 2019 was not a bad year by any means for me, but I sure am thankful to have those 2 knee surgeries behind me! There were many good things in 2019 – my sweet son got engaged to a lovely girl, my younger daughter accepted a new job and moved to Charlotte, and my older daughter and son-in-law sold their house the day it was listed and built a new beautiful home. And I reclaimed my maiden name and became Leslie Anne Holcomb, 39 years to the day of trading my maiden name in. Very exciting and empowering for me.

LAH… My new name in gifts…

“Keep your eyes on the stars, but your feet on the ground.”  Theodore Roosevelt

So, I head into 2020 as a new person, so to speak. And I am very excited about that. Looking forward to what the new year may bring. My “mantra” for 2020? I will not let anyone or anything steal my joy! That includes my own thoughts. Sometimes my thoughts tend to get the best of me – conversations in my head that I know will never happen; worries about tomorrow; expecting something dire to happen. This year I plan to quelch these thoughts and worries at the onset, to make every effort to expect the best life has to offer: happiness, success, and lots of fun. Let’s make the most of 2020, because as we all know, none of us is promised tomorrow.

“10 years from now, make sure you can say you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.”



PS – Did you realize that in 2020: Valentine’s Day is a FRIDAY!  Cinco de Mayo is on TACO TUESDAY! 4th of July is a SATURDAY!  Halloween is a SATURDAY! Christmas is a FRIDAY! AND…. NEW YEAR STARTS WITH A 3 DAY WEEKEND!  Thank you LEAP YEAR!

One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR! ABBA 1980”

  1. Thanks for this blog, Leslie!! 2019 percent was the worst year I’ve experienced. Even our trip to Puerto Rico in November gave me the virus so many there have. I’ve printed your blog for this wk, posted it over my desk, and proclaiming 2020 to bring happiness & joy. Thanks!!


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