“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” Elton John 1973

Welcome back to SOLO at SIXTY!

Any of y’all have a green thumb? Success with special plants that must thrive? I’ll take any advice you can share with me! I have been tasked with keeping some special plants alive from my older daughter’s yard (scary, I know!). Plants that grew from cuttings I shared with her from my house (pre-SOLO days) when they moved to their house 4 years ago. Why are these plants so special and important? They came from my Mom’s yard when I moved up here in 1997 and many of those originated from my Grandmother’s garden. Problem was, these can’t be planted at their new house yet as they are not even close to the landscaping stage. So I carefully brought them home and lovingly planted them under my deck and around my house. I’ll give them lots of love and water and do my best to keep them alive and healthy so they can be transplanted to my daughter’s new house in the fall (if I can give them up then!). Just hoping the deer don’t spot them!

“Family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

Yep, last Saturday was Moving Part 2 (remember – the previous weekend was Moving Part 1 to Charlotte for my younger daughter). Another HOT July weekend, another moving truck – this time a MUCH bigger Penske truck that thankfully, I was not driving. And luckily, this move was somewhat “local.” My older daughter and son-in-law downsized to an apartment while their house is being finished. I kept reminding them, selling your house early is a good problem to have! And it will only be for a couple of months. Enjoy this time – no yardwork, only 3 rooms to keep clean, 5 minute walk to the club (ACAC Short Pump), Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. They could have moved in with me, but instead, they moved 95% of their belongings to my house!

My sweet son helped with this move as well – coming up Friday night in time to have dinner with his momma. Wonderful having him under my roof again. And thank heavens he was here to help – there were some very heavy pieces of furniture my son-in-law built that took all of us to get on the truck. I think my daughter was probably most worried about getting the last thing, her Peloton bike, from the 2nd floor to the truck (me too – it was heavy and awkward!). Miraculously, everything fit, truck door was closed, and we caravanned to their new apartment to make the first delivery – the few pieces they will need for the next 3 months (bed, sofa, TV). Then it was on to their big storage unit (aka my basement) to unload the rest. Luckily, unloading goes much quicker than loading. To say we were worn out by late afternoon is an understatement. After much needed showers, my daughter and son-in-law took us out to dinner at Three Notched Brewery to celebrate the end of their first move. Thankfully, there is not another move next weekend! One of my friends said to me, “It’s really neat that your whole family pitches in on each other’s moves.” So true. We could not have accomplished so much without each other. Family foundation.

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”  John Wooden.

Funny, as we were moving furniture and talking these past weeks, we realized how many pieces of furniture have been passed around our family. I have a sofa from my sister, table and “secretary” from my mom. My older daughter has a table that was mine, younger daughter has my mom’s sleeper sofa and a coffee table from my younger sister, my son has my son-in-law’s kitchen table and chairs and they have all traded blenders, microwaves, comforters, etc. Plus everyone in the family has special art on their walls painted by my talented older sister. Keeping it in the family. And sharing.

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.” Alex Haley

My younger daughter spent her first weekend settling in her new apartment in Charlotte. She’ll come up when the BIG move to the BIG house happens in the fall for her sister. She had a great first week at her new job, in her new city, and loves it. Could not be happier for her. I do miss her, but I made it through the week, even ventured to our old stomping grounds, King Family Vineyards, last Wednesday night for “Wine Wednesday” – live music, wine, and friends. Went by myself but met some friends out there for a beautiful, humidity-free night. Would never have done this if my daughter had not introduced me to KFV. Thankful.

Cheers from KFV!

“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.”  Brad Henry

So Goodbye July! You have been such a HOT, fun, and extremely eventful month! No trips to the beach, but lots of time with all of my kids and family. Would not trade this July for anything. I got to see my son get engaged and celebrate with the happy couple and her family, my younger daughter was offered a new job in Charlotte, accepted, found a place to live, moved, and is so happy, and my older daughter and son-in-law’s new house is under roof, their old house sold and they have moved to a temporary apartment. With all the events and moves, I have seen my kids every weekend in July. Also, I started my Return to Running program (outside) this week and am so happy! It’s a slow process, but it’s finally happening. Best July ever! Life is good y’all.

And I’ll do my best to keep my daughter’s beautiful plants alive, tending to and caring for them to keep this family “link” growing. You should do the same – care for and tend to what ever is near and dear to your heart, because as we all know, none of us is promised tomorrow.

“Caring is a gift that no one can buy. It’s made up of love that roots in our hearts and creates memories, not just for a while but for a lifetime…”



PS – Did you know that today, July 31st, is Harry Potter’s birthday?!?!  Any idea how old he is? Ok, I’ll tell you – Harry Potter is 39 years old today (born 7/31/1980). Make you feel old? Happy Birthday HP!




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