“Oh My My, Oh My My, Can you boogie, Can you slide…” Ringo Starr 1974

Welcome back to SOLO at SIXTY!

“Easter is the only time of year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket.”

I hope y’all had a blessed Easter. I got to be a Moravian again. Like most religions, Easter and Christmas are the holiest and biggest celebrations, and in the Moravian Church we do it up right! Easter worship in sanctuary, continued outside on the front lawn, and concluded in God’s Acre (our cemetery). So many traditions – from the first processional song that ushers the choir in, to the cross where the congregation places flowers, to the Hallelujah Chorus. And I got to see people I have gone to church with my whole life (minus the 22 years in VA – still, it is as if I never left). We did not get up for the sunrise service, but my younger daughter, my son and his girlfriend, and my sister and brother-in-law, and I made it to New Philadelphia Moravian in time to snag our family pew. (That’s important!) My older daughter was not able to come – remember her collapse in last week’s blog? Well… she did break her wrist after all and got her cast on Friday. BUT… she texted us when church started and said she was watching us live on Facebook! How cool is that?

Of course after church we had our traditional Easter lunch of fried chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, fruit, rolls, and dessert. My contribution is the fried chicken from our family cookbook: “Drive to KFC and order both regular and extra crispy chicken. Place on nice platter and serve.” Added one extra step to the recipe: picked up my Momma. We all had to roll away from my sister’s beautiful Easter table after lunch. Funny thing, we were talking about someone from church but could not remember their last name… my sisters and I were debating what it could be and why we could not remember, when Mom blurted out the name surprising us all! I mean, she did not remember that our church band played at her Assisted Living the day before, but she remembered a name from the past that we could not grasp! The mind is an amazing thing.

“Traditions touch us, they connect us, and they expand us.”

Holidays are all about family. (Actually I think life is all about family!) My family is really good about getting together and staying in touch. I treasure these times and make every effort I can to spend time with these people I love most. Luckily, we all do. Saturday, my younger daughter and I left Charlottesville early enough to stop by Frame It where my older sister is the artist of the month and has her art displayed in their window for the month of April. I left my daughter with my sister so they could go to an art exhibit at Reynolda House and I headed to see my Momma before we all regrouped and headed to a couple of wineries. My son and his girlfriend also came for the weekend and joined us just in time for some wine. After a couple of tastings and several bottles of wine (with lunch thrown in!), we all needed a quick rest before heading downtown Winston-Salem for dinner. It is amazing to me how my hometown has changed since I moved to VA (22 years ago!). There was 1 winery and it was small…now there are many wineries in the area. And we would NEVER go downtown, especially at night, but the area has been revitalized and is very upscale. My kids and I went to a couple of bars offering music after dinner before calling it a night. (I’m a great designated driver!)

“The Past, the Present, and the Future walked into a bar….it was TENSE!”

The message on Easter Sunday was titled “The Three Tenses of Easter” – Easter past, Easter future, Easter present. When we were little, Mom was always up late the Saturday night before Easter, finishing our Easter dresses and getting everything perfect for Easter morning. Good memories. My most painful Easter memory was the year we moved to VA. We moved on Easter Monday, and I basically cried during the whole Easter service (which, to me, is the most emotional service in the church anyway) watching my little girls walk down the aisle with the choir (when big hair bows were a must since your dress was covered by a choir robe) and knowing I would be leaving all of my family and friends the next day. We learn from our past, but it is the past… gone. We can still have our memories, but need to let go of any painful parts of our past. Easter future – the promise of good things to come. Easter present – make the most of everyday. “Be God’s people in a world that so desperately needs it.”

“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.” Janine di Giovanni

So… my present (and future) right now? I had knee surgery yesterday to repair my meniscus and a non-healing fracture. Surgery was not until 3 pm, but I had to be at the hospital at 1:00, which meant no food after midnight, and no water after 11 am. Take my food but please don’t take my drinks! I am a huge drinker – drinking all day long! (ok, that sounds bad, but you know what I mean – water, tea, diet DP!) Crutches are my mode of getting around for 6 weeks. Due to this restriction, I decided I needed to get in one last hard cycle class, so my younger daughter and I headed to my older daughter’s 6:15 am cycle class in Richmond. And she did not disappoint, even with a broken arm! My younger daughter took the day off to look after her momma and get me to and from the hospital. (Remember she has told her sister and brother that SHE has mom now and THEY get mom later in the next stages of life!) She was a good nurse and we had fun watching Netflix (catching up on Grace and Frankie) and basically hanging out. Gosh I love being with my kids! My older sister came today to take care of me (and to relieve my daughter!)

It was a success!

Future? Hope to be back at work next week (it is month end after all), and hope to spend two whole weeks in my happy place once I say goodbye to these crutches in June. I have never taken 2 consecutive weeks off, but it is happening this summer!

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”  Anne Frank

My worst fears about becoming SOLO have happened – getting sick and having surgery. But you know what? It’s all ok. Turns out I am not actually SOLO! So many people have been checking in, sending well wishes, and offering to help in many ways. I have so much to be thankful for – it is my left knee so I can drive (eventually), I work where there is a Physical Therapy clinic on site with the BEST PT’s, my living space in this house is all on one level, I have so many friends and family offering to help, and I live where there is a first rate medical center with first rate docs! (My doctor went to UNC for undergrad, Harvard Med School, and did his residency at UVA where he stayed and is the team doc for the UVA men’s CHAMPIONSHIP basketball team.) We bonded.

Cheers to the future!

So be accepting of your past, excited about your future, and thankful for your present. And spend as much time as you can with the ones you love, because none of us is promised tomorrow.



PS  “Oh My My, Oh My My, Can you boogie, Can you slide…” not now, but in 6 weeks! And please excuse any errors – this blog was written on pain meds!


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