Welcome back to SOLO at SIXTY!

Are y’all getting settled into the new year? I’m still working on accepting that 2018 is in the books. I have to admit, I have written 2018 several times, having to go back and make the 8 a 9! Sometimes I have a hard time letting go! (haha – sometimes?!?) But I think I am getting  there.

I have felt a little “off my game” lately, and not just because of the new year. Probably due to several things: holidays are over and I am missing my kids, Hallmark Christmas movies are GONE (at least until July!), and I am not running (missing that a lot!). Not running has really thrown me for a loop. I love running – it is my stress reliever. So why am I not running? Well, I realized something was wrong when I could no longer sit cross-legged or completely bend my left leg. Turns out I am experiencing some knee trouble. My last runs were on December 2nd and 3rd, knowing my doctor would tell me no more running at my appointment with her on December 4th. And she did. Plus she took x-rays and scheduled an MRI on a Friday night at 7:30. Really? Friday night MRI? Yep! Since it was my knee, I did not have to go all the way in the tube. WHEW! I was asked if I wanted music – “Do you have Christmas music?” “Christmas music it is.” Of course, you can only hear the music when the jackhammer noise is not blasting. And why is it that the minute they say “do not move,” your nose begins to itch and you feel a need to sneeze?!? Luckily, I closed my eyes and got a 30 minute nap, no valium needed. And luckily, the results are a bone bruise, torn meniscus, and screwed up cartilage – no surgery for now, just no running so it can heal. I appreciate that my doctor “gets” me. She has seen me through hamstring and hip issues – all resulting from running (and aging!). So, knowing I cannot be still and that I function better with some type of working out, she said I could cycle and do low-impact workouts. Does this mean I have to start swimming?! I mean, I can swim, but haven’t really since junior high (that’s middle school to some). Oh the joys (and woes) of aging and trying to remain active. So I am not running until the end of February, when I go back to the doctor and hope I am healed and get the green light to slowly start running again. After all, I have a race in March and one in April I don’t want to miss!

“When things get tough just don’t forget that somewhere in the distance you’ll see the sun shining.” Marinela Reka

Another thing knocking me off my game lately? The sun has been AWOL! It finally made an appearance up here last weekend. Enough so that I saw a rainbow, got my car washed, and enjoyed a beautiful Sunday afternoon sitting outside at, you guessed it, King Family Vineyards! My younger daughter was working and told me the new Crose (special rose) had been released and I should come out and try it. I believe this is the best one yet! It is so popular that it sells out by mid-summer each year, during the Polo season. And for the first time, they released some in cans! SO CUTE! It was such a perfect afternoon: sunny and warm (60 degrees), with a slight breeze making the air feel so clean. Carolina blue sky interrupted only with the passing jets’ white trails. So happy to be outside in the sun people-watching with a good glass of wine, some warm bread, and cheese. Do I mind going out there SOLO? Not at all. I often meet friends there, run into people I know, or just enjoy being alone. And there was a lot going on Sunday – a 1-year-old was having a BIG birthday party (go figure – must have been for the parents!), families, couples, and friends were all enjoying being outside on the unusually warm Sunday in January. Just like me!

“The sun is alone too but it still shines.”

So, I need to get back on my game. I had so much going on in November and December that I am having a bit of a time adjusting to a much slower, quieter pace this month. Saturday I even drove an hour to our Short Pump club and met my older daughter to take a Tabata (high intensity interval – oops, what was that about low impact?) class with her. Made my day. My sister and brother-in-law went to the beach last weekend and enjoyed sunny and warm (70’s) weather. OH was I ever jealous. But my time is coming…next month! Just hoping I’ll luck up with a warm weekend. New plan, new outlook. And hoping (and praying) my knee heals and I can get back out there running. Slowly and surely, until race day that is! So hard to have warm days in the winter and not be able to run.

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game.” Randy Pausch

Speaking of games… did you watch the BIG college football game Monday night between Clemson and Alabama? Or did you watch the new season of The Bachelor? I watched the football game (and taped The Bachelor!). Roll Tide? Not this year. Roar Tigers!

Let’s make the most of these winter days, especially the warm, sunny ones, because as we all know none of us is promised tomorrow.



Just an FYI…. every Saturday night has a new Winter Hallmark Movie!


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