Momma Mia!

I miss my mom… yes she is still living, but no longer in a position to listen, understand, and give advice. Or just hug me and say, “Trust me… everything will be ok. You’ll be ok.”  I know a lot of you miss your mommas too. Many of us have lost our mothers… either they have passed or are suffering from dementia. My mom knows me, my sisters, my children, and our family… but her memory fails at times, and she still will not believe she is almost 89! I visited her last weekend on my way home from the beach, and when one of her neighbors said something about being 92, Mom couldn’t believe it. Asked me how old she was, and when I said she would be 89, she kept saying, no really, how old am I?

My Sweet Momma…

“A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.”

So many questions I want to ask her. So many things I want to talk to her about. I mean she went through everything I have… same experience, but unlike me, she still had a child at home, my younger sister. Life was no picnic for either of them. I wish I could talk to my mom about her divorce, but she rarely remembers I am divorced and when I remind her, she is heartbroken. So best to avoid that subject. Still… I miss my momma. I know my sisters do as well. My younger sister recently said the same thing to me – she was having such a terrible day and went to see Mom and just wanted Mom to “be present”, to hug her and listen and tell her everything would be ok. I told my sister, that is why you have sisters. We have each other and are thankful that we do. But still, there are times when no one but your momma can make you feel better. I am so thankful I can be that momma to my children. I will always be there for them. Home base, constant, like the sun and the moon.

“When you look at your mother, you’re looking at the purest love you will ever know.”

No one can replace your momma, but family and friends are a good substitute. Nothing like being with “old” friends. The ones who have known you since childhood. Who listen and care. I got that opportunity last week at the beach. Met up with 2 “old” cheerleaders. We were all going to be in the same area for one night and I did not want to miss seeing these girls. After all, we had a lot to catch up on. Stories were shared that truly fall under the category: “You Can’t Make this S#%T UP”!

3 “old” broads!

“Ah how good it feels, the hand of an old friend.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I also got to spend time with my older sister – time on the beach and dinner again at the bar at Franks – our favorite restaurant! AND I got to spend a couple of days with my older daughter and son-in-law who came down to my beach house for their vacation. Oh how I treasured that time! Saturday my daughter had her Ipad on the beach with a speaker and we watched the UNC baseball game. (Hello, Omaha!) We celebrated by grilling out, and eating dinner on the picnic table my son-in-law made. I have to brag on him – he makes wonderful furniture and this table is no exception. It even has 2 built-in coolers in the center. We are going to enjoy this all summer. I love it!


Remember my baby boy had his 27th birthday last Friday? Well I also got to see him and his lovely girlfriend Sunday. I am so happy keeping with my New Year’s resolution of seeing my out-of-town kids more. We had brunch, visited, celebrated both of their birthdays (they share the same birthday!), walked around Charlotte, and got ice cream. It was a beautiful day, made more so by being with the two of them.

“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”

Left Charlotte to go see my sweet momma. It was a long but wonderful day. Left the beach at 7 am, got home at 7 pm. Worth every mile and minute.

So I cannot end without recognizing that this Sunday is Father’s Day. Maybe that is what has put me in such a reflective state of mind. I also miss my Dad. He has been gone now for 18 years. I want to give a shout out to some Dads. My nephew continues to shine in his new role as dad to Jack, who we all adore. He is setting a great example. My son-in-law’s brother became a first time dad in April and he is absolutely crazy about, and very protective of their sweet baby girl. Does my heart good to see these young dads so full of love for their children and family. So Happy Father’s Day to all the loving dads out there!

My new table…

OK just one more thing…late entry! One of my best friends got a new puppy. A Gordon Setter. Her third, and this one is special. Very special. (so were the other 2!) You just feel love and happiness with this puppy. I mean look at this face!

If your mother and/or father is still living, let them know how special they are. I guarantee they sacrificed a lot for you and love you more than life itself. Be there for your family and friends. Treasure every moment you have with them, because as we all know, none of us is promised tomorrow.




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