Oh S#%T!

Welcome back to SOLO at SIXTY!

Ever let a cuss word slip? I grew up in a home where my mother never smoked, drank, or said a cuss word… until she got much older – cussing that is. I don’t really remember people cussing much as I was growing up, but now…  whew! You hear it all the time these days! But do you say “those words”?

“Hey autocorrect quit messing with my cuss words you mother forklift!”

When my kids were little, I was so careful about my language and would not let them say stupid, butt, or any cuss words. My mother always said “butt” was a crass word so we referred to that body part in many other ways. Same with my kids. When my older daughter was working on her college essay, her English teacher said her essays were very well written, but so boring! So as a joke, she chose the UVA essay question “What is your favorite word and why?” What was her favorite word? “As a child, I was not allowed to say the word BUTT. Had to refer to it as my behind, patootie, hiney, anything except butt. But now (pun intended) my mother uses this word often when singing the Nelly song Hot in Herre – “Girl I think my butt getting big!” And she went on and on… Her advisor said she had to submit that essay because it was hilarious. She got into UVA with that essay. Butt. Nuff said.

“Swearing…because sometimes Gosh Darn and Meanie Head just don’t cover it.”

This same child once used the word S#%T correctly at the age of 4. I have NO idea where she could have heard that word!  I told her if she said it again, I would wash her mouth out with soap. Several days later, S#%T again. Oh my, what was I to do? Soaped up her tongue of course! I am not sure washing out a child’s mouth with soap has the same meaning now – what with kids eating TIDE PODS! What’s with that?!?!

NO WAY these sweet kids would cuss nor eat Tide Pods! Right?

I recently read in Women’s Health that swearing helps with pain relief and stress levels. Dropping the big “F-BOMB” can release levels of “adrenaline which can be both numbing and stimulating.” OK I have to admit (and my kids will attest) that S#%T and DAMN (both pronounced in 2 Southern syllables) have come out of my mouth. However, I have never said the F-Word out loud. Yes, I have thought it many times, but just cannot get it out of my mouth, no matter how hard my co-workers try to get me to! Maybe I need to let some of those words fly. Maybe we all do. Might release some stress.

“Under certain circumstances profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” Mark Twain

I remember a friend saying when she and her husband were mad they had hall sex. Hall sex when you are mad? Yes, she said. We would pass each other in the hall and say F%#K YOU! Wonder if that relieved their stress? There are a couple of people I could say F%#K YOU to, but I would probably regret it. So I will just think it!

“When angry count to four… when very angry swear.”  Mark Twain

Life has been a bit stressful lately. To say work has been busy is an understatement. We have upgraded and transitioned to both a new club automation system and a new payroll system for our 12 clubs over the past several months, culminating this week. AND I added a new member to my Admin team. This was a wonderful but very hard decision – change. But a good one. Work has been my “crutch” for the past 2 SOLO years. And I have used this crutch working many long hours. A place where I love to be, comfortable, knowing I am needed. I have had control over all the accounting, but I finally admitted I need help. Started with 6 clubs, now there are 12. Plus there will come a time in the future when there will be someone else sitting in my chair. Better to start that process now. Remember how hard change is for me? I am trying to embrace it. And letting some cuss words fly in my thoughts!

“Life’s disappointments are harder to take when you don’t know any swear words.”  Calvin and Hobbes

Did any of you have snow last weekend? We did in Charlottesville. Made me want to let a few cuss words fly! Snow Saturday and then again Monday. But Sunday was nice. Took a break from work (month end so working on Sunday) and met some friends to catch up and walk the Monticello Trail. Definitely a stress reliever!

My younger daughter and I went to our Short Pump club in Richmond for their First Friday last week, to take the special cycle class taught by our favorite cycle instructor, my older daughter. Visited with my granddawg before heading back to Charlottesville. Lots of stress was relieved that night! And continuing with my Movie Pass, I saw Black Panther and LOVED it! My younger daughter saw it for the second time with me.

So find what relieves your stress and make sure you use it. Stress affects your health, and not in a good way. Let a few cuss words fly (but not around the kids!). Take an exercise class or go for a walk. Take every opportunity to spend time with those you love, the best stress reliever, because as we all know, none of us is promised tomorrow.




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  1. Reminds me of the young mother who overheard her 4 year old express his exaspiration to his pet goat by exclaiming, “You’re the bygoddest goat I ever damn saw !!”

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