SPRING HAS SPRUNG… or has it?!

Welcome back to SOLO at SIXTY!

Today, March 21st is the first day of spring. Don’t know about y’all but I am ready to say So Long to winter. Farewell. Adios. Ciao, Baby. I am so ready for spring, when the air is cleaner and warmer. The grass becomes green. Trees and flowers bloom. And summer is just around the corner. Yet, what is happening here today? You guessed it… SNOW! NOOOO!

Spring is such a time of renewal; of getting your life in order for the rest of the year. Spring cleaning, so to speak. Almost like a detox. Clean out the clutter and cobwebs from winter. Throw open the doors and windows and let in the fresh air. Cut the heat off (Southern for “turn the heat off”). The days are longer and invite us to do more in the evenings. People are outside. Walking around the neighborhood and visiting with neighbors rarely seen in the winter.

“Spring is a time to find out where you are, who you are, and move toward where you are going.”  Penelope Trunk

I spent last weekend at the beach, renewing my soul. It was definitely spring down there, “Sunny and 75” (Joe Nichols). It was so warm that there were people in the ocean – not me of course! Water was not as cold as I expected, but too cold for me. I lucked out with a wonderful weekend escape while it was cold with snow showers in Charlottesville! Caught up on my lost sleep from watching so many late basketball games, and came off the beach Friday to watch my Tar Heels win. Went out to dinner, ate at the bar watching more basketball and talking with a lot of golfers. This is prime time for golfers at the beach. I love eating at the bar. It’s the most active place in the restaurant, bartenders are always friendly, you meet a lot of people, and it is not awkward or obvious that you are SOLO. Speaking of which, I thought a lot about being SOLO last weekend as I watched couples around me, and came to a great realization – it is pretty “dadgum” (thanks Roy!) nice being SOLO, on my own schedule, sleeping in, running, walking on the beach whenever I want to and going out to dinner at the restaurant of my choice. Could be worse! I celebrated St Patty’s Day at my favorite restaurant in Pawley’s Island, again surrounded by golfers and a couple of college reunions. Took a lot of pictures for many groups and one took mine!

“Spring is wonderful anywhere, but it is always better at the beach.”

The start of spring is also a great time to take stock of your New Year’s resolutions. Are you on target or have you been sidetracked? I am continuing to follow through with my goal of seeing my out of town kids and mom more. I left the beach early Sunday morning and headed to Charlotte to have brunch with my son, his girlfriend, my older daughter and her husband (who were in Charlotte for the NCAA tournament). I was in heaven surrounded by my out of town kids. Left there and headed to Winston-Salem to visit with Mom in her new home, and met my younger sister with her grandson, Jack there. Oh how I adore that baby! He is such a blessing. Mom seems to be doing pretty well. We walked down the hall to their ice cream shop where they serve great soft ice cream (all you can eat) and then further down the hall to visit my friends’ mothers who are also living there and take them some Easter candy. It was such a wonderful day. Lots of driving, but so worth it.


Back to spring cleaning. I love lists and have made a list of things I want to do at my home in Charlottesville this spring – basically, power washing my porch and deck and replacing the plants/flowers in my planters and flower pots. Also need to start thinking about my garden. And I have a list for the beach – need to clean all the bikes, beach chairs, golf cart, and have the decks stained. And I need to clean out the pantries in both houses – get rid of any “expired” foods. My older daughter is great at spring cleaning. I came home one day and she had all of this food on my island. I said, “What happened here?” to which she responded, “Mom, all of your food is expired. How are you even alive? You need to start over here.” I did. Basically, because my pantry was then completely empty!

Spring is a great time to clean out the clutter and cobwebs in our lives as well. Both physically and emotionally. Just like my outdoor plants that have withered and died over the winter, what needs to be replanted, fertilized, and watered in my life? Do I have a positive outlook? Positive attitude? Are there negative thoughts that I need to replace with positive ones? Is there something new I want to do? I cannot wait for warm weather to arrive and stay! I am looking forward to running outside in the early mornings, going to the farmers market, grilling out and having dinner on my porch, and just sitting on my porch watching Hallmark movies. Does it get much better than that?!?

“Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s Party’.” Robin Williams

But first, winter needs to step aside. Saw this on Facebook: “It’s like winter got mad and stormed out, but keeps coming back in yelling, ‘oh and one more thing!’ ”  Right? Time to give it up winter, and allow spring to make its grand entrance.

“If we had no winter the spring would not be so pleasant.” Anne Bradstreet

Sunrise off my back porch… “Every morning brings a new beginning.”

There are new beginnings right around the corner. So spring clean your life – clear out the clutter. And if it does snow, just remember, no matter the obstacle, life will get better and spring will definitely arrive. Find what makes you happy, because as we all know, none of us is promised tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “SPRING HAS SPRUNG… or has it?!”

  1. Wow!!!After all that, you need to come back to the beach again and relax. You made me tired just reading about all you have done and what you intend to do. Well I guess I’ll just sit down now, I’m so tired. Haha Glad you are home safe. Have a great rest of the week.

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  2. Couple of things, Leslie. Those sunrise pictures you show, are you the photographer or do you have somebody drag out of bed at that hour and snap them for you ? Oh, I used to go to work in the dark, but that was back when——! Even now, I am up before old Sol many mornings, but that is because I am well potty trained. Those treks you make to the beach—-S.C. beaches are a bit more than just a spit and a holler down the road from Charlottesville. I would be too pooped from travelling after a drive like that. Yeah, yeah. I know, I’m a year or two older than you.

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    1. OH Ed….yes it is a 6 1/2 hour drive to the beach but I love driving! Always with a good book on tape. I wanted to get a beach sunrise picture, but I slept in each morning until Sunday, and left before sunrise. I have to admit, my daughter stayed over at my house and took that sunrise picture and sent it to me while I was at the beach. You are so wise Ed!


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