“Love is in the Air….” John Paul Young, 1978

“…. Everywhere I look around.”

Welcome back to SOLO at SIXTY!!

Today is February 14, 2018. Ash Wednesday, first day of Lent. Do you follow the ritual of giving something up for Lent? Are you making a sacrifice this year? I have in the past, usually in a self-serving way – chocolate, ice cream, sweets, soda, facebook. Wait! I never gave up facebook, heaven forbid! But in the last several years I have followed a different path – doing something instead of giving up something. Whether it be volunteering, sharing, helping someone. I tend to find this more meaningful.

What if we choose the following as our “sacrifice” for Lent:

  • Give up complaining… focus on gratitude.
  • Give up pessimism… become an optimist.
  • Give up harsh judgement… think kindly thoughts.
  • Give up discouragement… be full of hope.
  • Give up bitterness… turn to forgiveness.
  • Give up hatred… return good for evil.
  • Give up negativism… be positive.
  • Give up anger… be more patient.
  • Give up pettiness… become mature.
  • Give up gloom… enjoy the beauty that is around you.
  • Give up jealousy… pray for trust.
  • Give up gossiping… control your tongue.
  • Give up giving up… hang in there!  (Rev. David Marcus, NPMC)

Could you give up all of these? A couple? One? Wanna give it a try? If you attempt to give up any of these, let me know. We’ll power through this together.

“In this life we cannot do GREAT things. We can only do small things with GREAT love.”  Mother Teresa

So did you feast and “party like it’s 1999” (Prince) on Fat Tuesday in preparation for the season of Lent? I wouldn’t say I partied that hard, but I did have a lot of fun this past weekend starting Friday night with an after work party welcoming a friend back to Charlottesville, very special visitors on Saturday, and ending up at a couple of wineries with my daughter Sunday.

Today is also Valentine’s Day – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY all Y’all! What? Did you think this SOLO gal might be sad on Valentine’s Day? Not a chance! I am enjoying this SOLO life. And I do have fun plans for tonight.

Can you feel the “L O V E” here?!?!?

“Love isn’t something you find, love is something that finds you.” Loretta Young

There are so many different kinds and levels of love. One of the greatest is the love of a mother for her children. I think it is because mothers carry their children for 9 months and are truly “connected” to them. It is an unconditional love like no other. As I have always said, “A mother is only as happy as her saddest child.” So true. I admit, I never realized how much my mom did for us and how much she loved us until I had children of my own. I owe my mom and want her to know how much I appreciate all she did and sacrificed for me. These days, I’m trying to see my mom as often as I can. I visited mom and my sisters last week for an early Valentine’s Day. What fun we had!

“Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all.”

There’s also that love of siblings. Thank heavens for my sisters! Yes, there are times you do NOT get along or even like each other, but you always love each other. There are things you can say about your sibling, but let someone else say the same thing and look out! I am so proud of my kids’ relationships with each other. They have always gotten along and supported each other, love each other, and are great friends. As a mom, you can’t ask for more than that!

“Sibling relationships outlast marriages, survive the death of parents, resurface after quarrels that would sink any friendship.” Erica E. Goode

And look who came to see Great Aunt Les this weekend… my great nephew! And of course his parents (my nephew and his wife). This sweet child has brought so much happiness, joy, entertainment, and love into our whole family. We all adore him – how could you not?  As my sister (his grandmother) says, there is no love like that of a grandparent for a grandchild!

And of course, there is the wonderful love of your soulmate, spouse, boy/girlfriend, partner. This subject is a little difficult for me to even think about as I have become a bit cynical in this area since becoming SOLO. Made me question everything I thought I believed in. But if you are lucky enough to be with your true love, you are lucky enough.

“No three words have greater power than ‘I love you’…”

These words can capture your heart in many ways. Remember the first time your child told you he/she loved you and you knew they understood what they were saying and meant it? Their sweet arms around your neck? My kids and I never end a conversation without saying “I love you”. When was the last time you told someone you loved them? Never give up that opportunity.

If you are SOLO, especially recently solo, don’t let one day, Valentine’s Day, make you sad. Truly, it is just a day. You’ll go to bed tonight and wake up to a new day tomorrow. Life goes on… and life is good!

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”

Lent is a time of reflection and renewal. It’s a great time to give up all of your negativity, because as we all know, none of us is promised tomorrow. Be happy and look for the new beginnings. I am.

Happy Girl in her Carolina attire and Mardi Gras beads! Heels had 3 BIG wins in 5 days!
Last minute add! I have the BEST kids! They sent me these beautiful roses for Valentine’s Day… my Valentines…




2 thoughts on ““Love is in the Air….” John Paul Young, 1978”

  1. As usual Leslie, a great job. You are such an inspiring person. You deserve all the happiness and love there is to receive. As one door closes, there is always a better one to open up. Keep on smiling, bigger and better things are coming your way.


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