“Blue Moon” (Tony Bennett, 1958 – and no, not the good looking UVA Basketball Coach!)

Welcome back to SOLO at SIXTY!

“Blue Moon you saw me standing alone…”

Did you know that there is a Blue Moon today (January 31, 2018)? And it comes around only “once in a blue moon!” (haha!) Actually, a blue moon is the second full moon in the same month and occurs about every 32 months. It is a relatively rare occurrence, which is where that saying comes from, “once in a blue moon.” There will be another Blue Moon in late March – two in one year! This is so rare that it will not happen again for 19 years, until 2037.

Don’t you just love how bright the night seems with a full moon? BD (before divorce) we used to run at 5 am and it was so dark, except on those rare mornings when there was a full moon and no clouds to hide the moonlight. Made for a safer run with the moon lighting our way. AD (after divorce) I wait and run with the sunlight which always lights my way.

Just like the moon, we all go through phases.”

I have had some rare fun the last couple of weeks! Our club is offering dance lessons for our members. First up, Salsa Dancing! I went because I love to dance and want to support (and enjoy) the variety of programs offered by our club. But I was curious as to how many people would be interested in dancing on a Tuesday night, thinking it would only be a few. Boy was I wrong! Over 60 people came! No partner needed which is rare in a dancing class and FUN for those trying new things SOLO, like me. Salsa, Cha-Cha, Bachata, and Swing will be taught through May. What fun!

“We can’t always choose the music life plays for us but we can choose how we DANCE to it.”

Still in my “busy season” at work, it is not rare that I find myself at the office on the weekends. Luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel! Last weekend we took a break from work and walked to the downtown mall to get lunch. Ran into a coworker and his sweet family, including his precious daughter, who I have adored since her birth 9 years ago but rarely get to see! This child could be mine (and I would take her) – she has blonde hair and blue eyes, which neither of her parents do. So rare, right? She told her little brother that she was coming to live with me and bless his heart, he was devastated! Very upset as he too adores her! She is such a smart child – talked early, sang early, entertained our office every time she visited. Only 2 year old I know who could say “Pavarotti” clearly (and know who he was) and sing Bohemian Rhapsody. And I have never seen a father as crazy about a baby as my co-worker was when his daughter was born. So precious.

My Adopted Daughter!

Speaking of precious daughters, my older daughter was here this weekend as we celebrated her husband’s birthday with his family. My daughter is very blessed to find herself in such a wonderful family. ME TOO!  My younger daughter and I joined them for dinner. And of course my older daughter had me out early Saturday morning running in the COLD. But I did not mind, since I was running with her, though I did make her wait until the sun was up as a compromise!

“Don’t worry if you’re making waves simply by being yourself. The moon does it all the time.” Scott Stabile

I am sure the tides are very high this week at the beach with the full moon. I cannot wait to get back to the beach and breathe in that salty air, walk on the beach, and eat fresh seafood. To help curb my shrimp craving, a friend and I split 30 shrimp for dinner last weekend. We are creatures of habit, so it is not rare that we always order the same thing at this restaurant. And I threaten him if he tries to eat one of my shrimp!

BEST dinner!

“Shoot for the moon….even if you miss you’ll land in the stars.”

I have given this advice to my kids. And I have followed it myself. Always aim high with your goals. Don’t worry about the rare failure, just land in the stars. Make the most of every goal and every day, because as we all know, tomorrow is not promised to any of us.




2 thoughts on ““Blue Moon” (Tony Bennett, 1958 – and no, not the good looking UVA Basketball Coach!)”

  1. Leslie, I share your fondness for shrimp, but I class it next to grilled flounder. With that, my love of seafood takes a nose dive. Oh, I venture into a she crab soup now and then. Now, Jim will eat anything that crawls, swims, flies, walks, or slithers. Name a seafood delight, and more than likely he has consumed it. One of our favorite seafood joints is known as Blue Pete located in the swamps and creepy places out from VB. Margie and Ray’s is also good and can be found in another swamp. Incidentally, Blue Pete is a kind of water fowl , so says Jim.

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  2. Leslie, I love these quotes! 💖 “Shoot for the moon…even if you miss, you’ll land in the stars.” “Just like the moon, we all go through phases.” “We can’t always choose the music life plays for us, but we can choose how we DANCE to it.” Thank you. Irene 😊

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